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Salty, tender, crispy pork, Spam is a staple of Hawaiian cuisine. Mo' Bettahs spam is first sliced, fried to perfection, then glazed in teri sauce!

Rice with Furikake

Crunchy, salty seasoning adding to our rice for a yummy nutty flavor!

Nori (dried seaweed)

The taste of the sea. We feel that nori is a bit of an unsung hero, so much more than just a sushi wrapper!

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A little bit of history

During World War II, Hawai’i became a significant military outpost for the United States, with a diverse population of soldiers stationed there. As a result, the islands saw a new variety of food items, including canned goods like Spam, which was a staple ration for American troops. Spam quickly became a readily available source of protein and sustenance for both the military personnel and the local Hawaiian population.

The Japanese influence on Spam Musubi can be traced back to the Japanese immigrants who had settled in Hawai’i in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They brought with them the tradition of onigiri, rice balls wrapped in seaweed, which became a familiar snack in Hawai’i and an inspiration for the creation of Spam Musubi as we know today.

Over the decades, Spam Musubi gained immense popularity among Hawaiians due to its affordability, convenience, and delicious taste. It became a favorite snack at family gatherings, backyard bbq, and local events, evolving into a cultural symbol that reflects Hawaii’s diverse heritage.

In recent years, Spam Musubi has undergone some modern interpretations, with variations including teriyaki chicken musubi, katsu chicken musubi, and more!

Get your Musubi on!

We love celebrating the meals and authentic recipes we enjoyed growing up in Oahu, including Spam Musubi! New at Mo’ Bettahs, the spam is first sliced, fried to perfection, then glazed in our signature teri sauce, paired with rice with furikake, and wrapped in nori (dried seaweed)!

We hope you take the chance to try this tasty snack, whether you’re on the go, want a little extra with your Hawaiian Plate Lunch, or however you want to enjoy it! Mo’ Bettahs Spam Musubi is now available at participating locations, in-store, online ordering, and 3rd party delivery! Try it today!