Mo’ Bettahs is a restaurant where you can fill your opu (stomach) with ono (delicious) island food.

In 2008, brothers Kimo and Kalani Mack opened the doors to Mo’ Bettah Steaks now Mo’ Bettahs Hawaiian Style in Bountiful, Utah. The goal was to transport guests to an authentic Hawaiian island experience, like they had where they grew up in Oahu, Hawai’i. Someone entering a Mo’ Bettahs restaurant will find a place that, no matter where they were from, they can fill their opu (stomach) with ono (delicious) island food.

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Our Culture

Hawaiian food culture is a diverse mixture of many races and food preparation styles. The Mo’ Bettahs menu reflects Hawaii staples that are Kimo and Kalani’s favorites and more than just ordinary fast-food. It is food that is filling and will help you find the strength to do whatever is on your agenda for the day.

The Mo’ Bettahs experience also revolves around a diverse ocean lifestyle that many Hawai’i locals of all ages and races find rejuvenating and empowering. Ask any surfer, paddler or diver, and they will say that the ocean has a cleansing effect on the soul. It creates a humbling sort of respect for nature and all of its beauties.

Our Goal

It is our desire that, in everything we do for our customers and between employees, we act in the spirit of “Pono.” At Mo’ Bettahs, Pono means that we strive to do what is right in all that we do. We act in Pono when we deliver a product to our customers that more than justifies what they have spent on it.

We act in Pono with our vendors and employees when we fulfill all tasks required and asked of us. Pono demands that in any transaction, each party feels that they have received an equal or greater value. When we embrace “Pono Every Time,” we strive to make every interaction and transaction valuable to each party.

-Kimo and Kalani