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Mo’Bettah’s via website.

Mo’Bettah’s Hawaiian Style Food restaurant is slated to open its first Dallas location on Nov. 19.

This restaurant aims to bring authentic Hawaiian and island food to land-dwellers with staples and favorites from the brothers. Some of the menu items include a choice of meat, such as tempura shrimp or katsu chicken, macaroni salad and pake salad.

Mo’Bettah also has three sauces: teri sauce, katsu sauce and Mo’Bettah sauce.

Food at Mo’Bettah’s is done in the spirit of ‘Pono,’ which translates to striving to do what’s right in all things and making sure the customer’s experience has been fulfilled and valuable.

Started by two brothers, Kimo and Kalani Mack, Mo’Bettah’s is a Utah based restaurant that’s spreading its reach. The brothers were also named on a list of “10 Coolest Entrepreneurs.

The new Dallas location will open just off of Northwest Highway.

Mo’Bettah’s Hawaiian Style Food is located at 6471 E NW Hwy Ste. 100. Hours are not yet available.

By Raven Jordan | Writer for Lake Highlands Advocate


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