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Get a taste of Hawaii in North Texas at this Hawaiian BBQ spot

DALLAS (KDAF) — Originally from Hawaii, brothers Kimo and Kalani Mack, moved to Utah and felt they needed to share a piece of their home with everyone on the mainland.

Mo’Bettahs is a Hawaiian BBQ restaurant concept made up of dishes these brothers would make on any normal day at home.

“It’s a Hawaiian Barbecue concept. But it’s more specifically a restaurant in that what we produce in our product here is similar to what you would get if you came to our house on a weekend, and we were hanging out and we were barbecuing in the backyard. In fact, if you look in the restaurant, it kind of appears as an outdoor space, in Hawaii,” Kimo Mack, co-founder of Mo’ Bettahs, said.

The interior of each restaurant is unique, and all details have been brought straight from Hawaii. It is designed to make guests feel like they’re eating in their backyard in Hawaii.

“If you’ve ever lived there. If you’ve ever visited, there are homes that are very small. There are a lot of people [who live in them]. There are usually multi-generations that live in the homes. And so when we get together as friends and as family, typically, we congregate outside. We eat outside or in the garage or in other spaces, because there’s so many of us and so the restaurant mimics kind of that outdoor space,” Kimo said.

And Mo’ Bettahs doesn’t just deliver on their stunning decor, they truly bring the flavors of Hawaii to North Texas with their delicious food options.

“We know it’s good because obviously we like to eat and we love to cook. But we had no idea the response and how it would impact the restaurant market and, and how people would gravitate [toward it],” Kalani Mack, co-founder of Mo’ Bettahs, said.

There are currently only two locations in the DFW area.

  • Plano: 1801 Preston Rd B, Plano, TX 75093
  • North Dallas: 6471 E NW Hwy Ste. 100, Dallas, TX 75231

“At least for me, our big reason we wanted to share this type of cooking with others here was to just introduce what we love and what we love back home,” Kalani said.

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